Saturday, May 07, 2016

Architects of Tomorrow

Last May I wrote about an event I attended called Leadercast. The university I work for is an annual host site for this event. One of the perks of working for a university is hearing from speakers on a myriad of topics. Whether the speaker is on campus for staff professional development or there to speak to students I try to take advantage of listening to their presentations. Leadercast is by far one of my favorite though. If you didn’t get a chance to read last year’s post you can do so here.

A little background on Leadercast…Leadercast is an organization whose mission is to bring leaders together to inspire each other and their surrounding communities. It’s the sharing of knowledge from prominent and community leaders to cultivate the type of leaders worth following.

This year we heard from leaders like Kat Cole, President of FOCUS Brands, Dr. Henry Cloud, Leadership Expert, Clinical Psychologist, and Best Selling Author, and Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, Inc. The theme this year was Architects of Tomorrow. The four content areas were Eyes to See, Voice to Share, Heart to Inspire, and Feet to Lead.

Here are my takeaways:

  • We value integrity, but we follow clarity (Andy Stanley): While we hope for leaders with integrity we often follow leaders who have a clear vision. Andy gave the example of Adolf Hitler, a man with little integrity, but because he had a clear vision for the future and presented a clear execution for the plan people followed his lead. 
  • Get off autopilot (Chris Barez-Brown): Humans are creatures of habit and therefore our subconscious carries us through daily tasks. Some of the most creative people purposely take themselves off autopilot by changing their routine and challenging their minds to learn new things. Engage your creative potential and you will see the world differently.
  • The connection to others drives performance (Dr. Henry Cloud):
    4 Types of Connections
    • No connection – Solitude. Humans need connection.
    • Bad connection – Where others make you feel less than you are, worthless. This can become ingrained in your psyche.
    • Pseudo Good Connection – “happy talk” Not genuine connections. Temporary feel good connections.
    • Real Connection – Where you can be who you are and surrounded by people who are who they are.
  • Sprint hard all the time (Rorke Denver): If you set the example of “sprinting hard” all the time, then your team will do the same.

Thank you Leadercast for another inspirational event. Next year’s theme is Powered by Purpose. Until next post…xoxo Becca

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