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Friday, March 23, 2018

Simple Spring Transition Work Outfit

Spring Transition Work Outfit

Sometimes keeping a transitional outfit simple is key. Spring is full of ruffles and lace and texture, but for work I like things to be modern and streamlined. This outfit is perfect for the transition into spring! I purchased this top from Express a few months ago and have been waiting for the weather to warm up. What I like most is the fabric is a bit thicker which makes it a good option for this time of the year. Still too cold outside where you are? No problem, pair this top with a stylish blazer!

My favorite ankle pants from Express are a great option for the transition into the spring. These however are from Ann Taylor. Also a bit thicker to give you a little warmth if it’s chilly outside (or in your office like mine).

A classic black stiletto is always a must. Can never have too many! As far as accessories go I opted to keep it simple and streamlined with this knotted necklace (similar) I have had for years.

What has everyone been up to? Texas has seen some strange weather the last few weeks, not to mention the pollen. Everything has a green/yellow tint and everyone is sneezing!

Until next post…xoxo Becca

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Friday, September 02, 2016

Friday Favorites: Sharing an Office

Is it really Friday again? I am thankful for a fast week, especially after our trip to Vegas. Who knew being 29 meant recovering from a late night took days?! No matter what, I am always thankful for a weekend đŸ™‚ Today I wanted to talk about sharing an office. How many of you share an office? What about work in an open concept “cube city” space? That’s not how I started out in the real world, but it’s what I have experienced the last four years.

Starting out in a big girl job I was given my own office. Such a dream! I decorated how I wanted, played whatever music I liked, and turned off the overhead light and only used a desk lamp unless someone was visiting me. I remained in that position for roughly three and a half years. Since then I have shared an office with at least one other person.

Each time my office mate has been a woman old enough to be my mother. Let me tell you, I have learned so much from these experiences. So yes, sharing an office has become a favorite (at times). The relationships built and conversations had have taught me so much about life, respect, work ethic, and consideration for others. Everyone has a life story so just listen and they’ll share it with you.

Though I wish for my own office some day I am thankful for those shared moments that happened by circumstance. It’s nice to know close by is someone to bounce an idea off of, vent to, or get advice from. Embrace your shared office space! Unless your office mate(s) is obnoxious or stinky…then you get a pass and I wish you the best with that! đŸ˜›

Until next post…xoxo Becca

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