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Monday, June 11, 2018

Grand Cayman Vacation Recap

Hi lovelies! The hubs and I are back from vacationing in Grand Cayman. We went a few days ahead of the family for our own mini vacation, but as it so happens, a tropical storm was forming and we spent much of that time inside because of the rain. Turns out there aren’t a ton of things to do on the island when the weather is poor! We made the best of it though. On the pretty days we enjoyed the beach, made friends with a few chickens (haha), and tried new places and adventures. Once you have been going to the same place for awhile you tend to stick to your habits. I updated my Grand Cayman Vacation Guide post to include the new restaurants and activities we enjoyed. I hope you enjoy the pictures below!

Visit to Cayman Spirits Co. Distillery

Cayman Spirits Co. | Grand Cayman's Handcrafted Spirits

The hubs wanted to document that I ordered AND ate fish tacos. I actually ate a couple of seafood dishes on this trip. Sunshine Grill - Grand Cayman

Over the Edge, one of our favorite restaurants.Over the Edge - Grand Cayman

Sculpture GardenSculpture Garden - Grand Cayman Sculpture Garden - Grand Cayman

Stingray CityStingray City - Grand Cayman

Camana Bay at night, isn’t it gorgeous!?Camana Bay, Grand Cayman KY | Cayman Shores Development Ltd.

Pictures taken at Christopher Columbus CondosChristopher Columbus Condos - Grand Cayman Christopher Columbus Condos - Grand Cayman Christopher Columbus Condos - Grand Cayman Lexi & Lady | Grand Cayman DJI Mavric Pro - Christopher Columbus Condos - Grand Cayman

I really hope you enjoyed this post. I know it was a lot of randomness, but sometimes that is the easiest way for me to include a bunch of pictures 🙂 If you want something more formatted and easy to follow, don’t forget to click over to the Grand Cayman Vacation Guide. That will help you map out a fun vacation!

Until next post…xoxo Becca

Monday, January 22, 2018

Idlewild Spirits Winter Park, CO

Idlewild Spirits Winter Park, Colorado

Occasionally you come across a hidden gem! Boy did we discover one while in Winter Park, Colorado.

As you may know, the hubs and I try to find distilleries to visit while traveling (read our Breckenridge, CO recap). It is something we’ve done over the years and enjoy meeting the people and seeing their process. Plus the tasting is always worth a stop. 😉 While in a liquor store near our hotel in Winter Park, Colorado we noticed a display for Idlewild Spirits and asked the staff if it was a Colorado distillery. The staff member replied yes AND they were local…as in down the street. We asked if they gave tours and tastings and she said we needed to stop in for happy hour, because they create wonderful drinks and the place is cozy.


A few days later we found Idlewild Spirits. A small place at the end of a center with restaurants and ski rentals. We knew we had missed happy hour, but wanted to check it out anyway. The interior is masculine and cozy. Kind of how you may imagine a mountain speakeasy. There are tables and small groupings of chairs and sofas for casual conversation spots. Find Idlewild Spirits

Idlewild Spirits Interior | Winter Park, Colorado


The staff greeted us, gave us a spot by the fire, and explained the menu. We instantly started ordering tastings of the different spirits and a few mixed drinks. Every staff member who came over was nice and very welcoming. We asked one staff member if the master distiller was in and if way might speak with him.

Jeff Ruhle, Idlewild Spirits’ creator, came over and began explaining how he got into the business and what was new at Idlewild Spirits. You could immediately tell he has a passion for what he does and is forward thinking. We saw the production area, chatted about the beautiful bottles he had worked hard to have designed, and of course enjoyed our tastings and drinks.

The products we tried were delicious and high quality, but my personal favorite was the vodka. Each of us bought a bottle, Jeff signed them, and we concluded our visit.

Happy Hour at Idlewild Spirits

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday  |  3:00pm – 5:00pm

If you are in the Winter Park area (living or visiting) and enjoy distilleries I highly recommend this hidden gem. Jeff has set this company up to do great things and I know it will grow and be on more shelves (not just in Colorado) very soon. Can’t wait to see Idlewild Spirit in Texas. Thanks for the great visit Jeff and staff!

Until next post…xoxo Becca

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