Monday, August 21, 2017

Fall 2017 PANTONE Fashion Color: Grenadine

Fall 2017 Pantone Fashion Color Grenadine

The word grenadine makes me think of the lovely Shirley Temples my neighbor would make for me as a child. What a refreshing drink! In this instance though, the color is perfect for fall. It’s so warm and powerful! Definitely an attention-getter. PANTONE released their color trends earlier this year and I am loving the brighter than usual colors in the palette. Not only do the colors excite me, but the thought of cooler weather does too. Texas is hot y’all and I wouldn’t mind a drop in temperature!

One thing to invest in for fall is a beautiful peacoat and why not have one in grenadine? It certainly would make a statement. One of my favorite gifts from the hubs was a red peacoat. He got it for me just before our trip to NYC at Christmastime. Granted I didn’t get to wear it much because it was unusually warm that weekend. I can’t wait to pull it out this winter.

To give you even more inspiration when picking your fall wardrobe, here are some of the other Fall 2017 PANTONE colors I’d pair with grenadine.Grenadine Color Pairings


Hope you are feeling inspired by this vibrant color! Until next post…xoxo Becca

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