Friday, December 22, 2017

Sparkle and Shine Year-Round Entertaining

Disclaimer: I was approached by Wayfair to put this post together, however I am not being compensated or receiving commission on your clicks or purchases of any of the products mentioned.

Sparkle and Shine with Wayfair

This time of year there are endless holiday parties and gatherings; Thanksgiving, Christmas, work parties, cocktail parties, ugly sweater parties (which I despise so please don’t invite me lol), and of course New Year’s parties. Most of us end up spending a lot of time with family and friends we may not see regularly. The sparkle and shine of the holiday season is magical, but it doesn’t have to be reserved for late-November until January 1!

As a girl who loves to host events, I can tell you there are a million and one ways to continue that sparkle and shine throughout the year. For example, the hubs and I used to have a weekly game night with friends. We would keep it simple with dinner (and dessert of course) and a favorite card or board game. It took little effort to gather friends in one place and enjoy each others company and some laughs.

If a full meal isn’t your style or you are not comfortable whipping up a gourmet meal that’s ok. Putting together a charcuterie and cheese board, like the one pictured above, or a few appetizers (see my Pinterest appetizer board) is also a great way to “break bread” with those you care about.

The dinnerware, drink ware, and serving dishes and trays I like best are modern and usually white, wood, or glass. It’s just what I gravitate towards because it can be mixed and matched for every day and every holiday use. To make your year-round entertaining even easier I picked out a few items from Wayfair that may come in handy.

What are your favorite ways to add sparkle and shine year-round? Comment below! Until next post…xoxo Becca

Shop Wayfair
Cast Aluminum Fruit Bowl
Hammersmith Fruit Bowl
Three Bowl Entertaining Set
Johanna 13in Three Bowl Entertaining Set
12 Piece Mini Dessert Set
12 Piece Mini Dessert Set
Round Marble Serving Tray
Old Hollywood Round Marble Serving Tray
3 Piece Porcelain Serving Platters
IEnjoyware 3 Piece Porcelain Serving Platters
Wood Rectangular Platter
Kona Wood Rectangular Platter
Hammered Silver Tray
Hammered Silver Tray
Glass Beverage Dispenser
Wayfair Basics Glass Beverage Dispenser
Glass Pitcher
Acapulco 89.5oz Pitcher
Cheese Board
Russo Short-Handled Cheese Board
Cake Stand
Vanilla Fare Cake Stand
Dessert Pedestal
Madiun Dessert Pedestal
Cake Stand
Arezzo Cake Stand
5.25in Square Rim Plate
5.25in Square Rim Plate
Cake Serving Set
Personalized Golden Cake Serving Set
12 Piece Assorted Stem Glass Set
Wayfair Basics 12 Piece Assorted Stem Glass Set

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