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Monday, April 02, 2018

Easter Weekend Recap

Lexi & Lady Easter 2018 Zoey and Lexi Easter 2018 Easter Tablescape

It is hard to believe how quickly the year goes by. Yesterday was April 1 and Easter Sunday! I spent a lovely weekend with the hub’s family (he had to work). On Sunday we went to church at Houston’s First Baptist Church. My older sister-in-law is in the choir and we like the pastor and enjoy the message there. After church we had a delicious late lunch and relaxed until I headed home to see the hubs for a few minutes before his shift. My mother-in-law had planned on making Joanna’s Strawberry Shortcake for dessert, but there were no strawberries to be found! Guess everyone had planned on serving something with strawberries đŸ™‚ I can’t wait to try it out when there isn’t a strawberry shortage haha

Lexi loved every minute of the weekend and is currently snoring as I write this post. My in-laws moved to a new house last summer and it sits on beautiful, wooded acreage so the pups run around enjoying the outdoor. Not only does Lexi come home exhausted, but she is usually a filthy mess and therefore gets a bath. Her least favorite thing to do!

While I was in the area I went to Old Navy to see if I could find anything fun for spring. I don’t typically think of Old Navy as a place to go, but I have gift cards to the Gap Brand stores. For some reason all the bright colors and floral patterns drew me in and I bought some great stuff that really puts me in the mood for spring! Plus they had store wide sales. I mean…I got these flip flops in silver for $1.99! Best part is, the majority of the items I purchased can be worn for work and on the weekends. Double win! I also picked up these shorts in pink and think they are going to get a lot of use this summer. A couple of my purchases are no longer available online, but if you don’t normally shop at Old Navy you may want to give it a try for spring/summer.

My Easter Weekend Purchases

I hope you have a really productive week! If you want a fun desktop background, check out the ones from The Every Girl. What’s on your calendar for April? Anything exciting? Tell me about it in the comments. Until next post…xoxo Becca


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