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Friday, December 25, 2015

Favorite Pin Friday | Volume 35

Growing up I remember my mom baking for the neighbors; cranberry bread and GORP (type of trail mix) are the two items I remember most. p.s. I tried this one year…our neighbors didn’t seem as excited as I remember neighbors being when I was young. Talk about disappointment! Anyway, she’d box them up with cute ribbon and gift tags. Family Christmas traditions have always intrigued me because everyone does it different. The hubs’ family has an oversized coloring book they’ve colored in every Christmas Eve for the last 30 years (pictures below). I think it has seen better days, but dang what a fun memory to have and to look back on. This year is the last page of the book, who knows what we’ll do next year…

First year, 1984


What are your Christmas time traditions? Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve? Decorate gingerbread houses? What about wearing matching pajamas? One day the hubs and I will start traditions for our own family, here are some that piqued my interest (thank you Pinterest).

Wrapping Christmas books and reading one each night before bed. Source 1Source 2
I really liked some of the ideas shared here. My favorite are The Annual Snowflake Cut Out Competition and The Dollar Tree Ten Minute Giving Spree. 
I hope you enjoy time with family and friends! I’m taking the rest of the year off from blogging, but will be back in 2016! Thank you for reading this year, your comments mean the world to me. I love when people tell me they’ve been following along and I never even knew it! Until next post…xoxo Becca
Monday, December 21, 2015

Pounding the Pavement – New York Trip Part 3

This is the last part of our New York trip, read part 1 and part 2 to catch up. We moved fast so keep up đŸ˜‰

Day 3 was our last full day in NYC and we made the most of it. Starting off with a trip to Central Park. We walked around a little bit and took some pictures, but it was really warm so we ventured out of the park and made our way to 5th Avenue. The shops….oh my goodness…so many gorgeous shops. Bergdorf Goodman has window displays that rivaled the Taj Mahal (Vanity Fair images 1-10)! Added perk, seeing The Tiffany Diamond in person. Goooooodnessssss that thing was huge! The picture below doesn’t do it justice.

After our shopping venture we grabbed a cab to Grand Central Station and the High Line. Who was there? Oh you know, just Bradley Cooper stopping by to have some lunch. Celebrity sighting #2! We walked several blocks of the High Line before heading back to the hotel for some drinks and snacks. Then off to dinner at Cara Mia, a place recommended to us by our New York friends. It didn’t disappoint! With reservations at 7:45pm we still had to wait a little. The restaurant is extremely small with tables close together. The bread and olive oil served as an appetizer was delicious. The dishes we ordered were amazing, served piping hot, and the fresh pasta was a hit! Highly recommend if you are looking for Italian food in NYC. Dessert…a New York cheesecake at Junior’s.

Grand Central Station
View from the High Line

That wraps up our adventures in New York. I hope you enjoyed the recap and  pictures. Until next post…xoxo Becca

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