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Monday, November 12, 2018

Red Hair

Red Hair | Lexi & Lady

Red Hair

Did the title of this post give it away?! If not that, then the picture did 😉 So I did a thing haha Last Monday’s blog post I mentioned that November 5 is National Love Your Red Hair Day. I already had an appointment for Tuesday to get my hair colored. Two and a half hours in the salon produced this! I won’t lie, it has taken some time to get used to because it’s much redder and darker than I expected, but I do like it.

Being a red head has always been part of my defining features. It makes me sad that people started to question whether or not I was a redhead. Anyone who has been around a natural ginger knows what to look for I guess. I couldn’t think of a better way to enter the holiday season than to bring back that red color. Thanks Kaci!

Fall Y’all

In other news, it is finally cold here (Texas cold anyway) and I have been loving my sweaters and knee high boots. Fall/winter is my favorite time of year for fashion so I’m sure you are going to see more posts from me. To be honest, I am really uninspired in the summer. Texas is hot and miserable, who wants to try to look cute when your makeup is going to melt off and your outfit is going to cling to your sweat…not me! Just being real.

Can you believe Thanksgiving is around the corner? Next week to be exact! Goodness I don’t know what happened to 2018. Some coworkers and I were talking about what family Thanksgiving looks like for each of us and it was decided we should all capture the shenanigans and share through our team’s Snapchat haha I said I should vlog the whole day, but the hubs won’t be there and he is my video/tech guru.

As far as menu items and recipes go, this pumpkin cheesecake is still my favorite recipe for Thanksgiving. Give it a try, I promise it will be a winner.

Side notes, if you love fall, you need to get this candle from Bath and Body Works. It’s everything fall wrapped into one beautiful scent.

Random Ramblings (mini version)

The hubs is doing well in his new job and is still enjoying it. Lexi is still a bundle of energy (although currently snuggling with me as I write this).

That’s all for now, about to head to The Woodlands for lunch with friends and then dinner with the family. Still celebrating the hubs’ birthday…13 days later (insert eye roll).

Until next post…xoxo Becca

Friday, August 31, 2018

Random Ramblings August Edition

Random Ramblings_August2018

It has been awhile since I wrote a random ramblings post. December to be exact! WOW! If you are new around here, my random ramblings posts are just a major update on whatever is happening in my life or anything I want to share. Enjoy the randomness!

The Blog

The blog started as my creative hub while I was bored (read that story here). I’m now in a new-ish position (started in January, but still learning the ropes) that demands more of my time, brain power, and energy. It leaves very little creative juice for the blog and that makes me sad. I find this to be a fun place to connect with you all and I’m sorry I have been away so much this year. Thanks for hanging in with me while I go through this new season of life.

The Career

I mentioned the new gig above, but to give you more information, I freaking love it! I love it so much that when someone asks me how it’s going I can’t help but grin a big, cheesy grin. I feel guilty when coworkers from my former department ask me and all I can do is brag about how wonderful my position, department, and university division are. See, the thing is, I came from a very negative space and now I am in a place where hard work is appreciated and a “work family” exists. I enjoy getting up in the morning to go to work and I stay late or work from home because it doesn’t feel like work. It feels like what I am doing matters to others and positively impacts students and my teammates.

The leadership pours into us and provide opportunities for personal and professional growth. I have read more books and articles, watched videos, and attended conferences or learning sessions than I did in the last 6 years. It really matters yall, so do it for your team too!

Dave Ramsey Update

It has been 1 year since the hubs and I started following Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps. I talked about it here and here. We have managed to pay off a student loan and several credit cards. There is still more to tackle, but with time and dedication it will get done and it will be a weight lifted from our shoulders. Since I work with students I try my hardest to convenience them not to take out excessive student loans and start the habit of paying monthly on those they have taken. Even if it is $20 a month, it helps in the long run. Not sure if I have convinced any of them though!

I also share the Every Dollar app with anyone who will listen. The whole process of having a budget meeting, entering a budget, and then keeping track of it has helped the hubs and I so much. Where we used to worry about saving and having money in the bank we now know what we have without even needing online banking thanks to the app.

Side note, but money related. I took a big girl step and started a Roth IRA. What an adult thing to do. I wish someone would have told me to do that when I got my first full-time job…10 years ago! Do you know how much I would have already stored away for retirement if someone would have sat me down and explained how important it is!? So this is your wake-up call. Have savings, pay of debt, and start saving for retirement!

Diet Change

If you follow me on Twitter than you have seen I share recipes from time to time when we try something new. I have been predominantly dairy free for years and the hubs recently hopped on board. Starting September 1 we have decided to attempt to go gluten and sugar free for at least a month. Now a lot of people do not agree with restrictive diets and I don’t either, but consider this more of a cleanse because we eat way too much bread and dessert. With regard to sugar I plan to focus on eliminating dessert!

Do you have any experience in cutting gluten and sugar? Share your tips in the comments!

The Hubs

The hubs has always enjoyed photography and videography. Last Christmas I bought him a drone and it’s been the best gift I have given him so far. He captured a lot of great drone footage while we were in the Caymans. You may have seen it on Facebook or Instagram. Well he has decided to take this hobby to the next level and make it a side hustle! I couldn’t be more proud of him! Check out his website and follow along on social media (Facebook, Instagram). If you need any aerial footage captured then reach out to him!

That’s all for now. Can you believe I published 2 posts in one week!? Haven’t done that in forever. Thanks again for your patience while I figure out my time management skills. Until next post…xoxo Becca

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