Friday, March 24, 2017

Lexi and Lady

I want to start this post by saying I am so saddened by the attack that took place in London earlier this week. My heart goes out to them!

Elizabeth Tower

Lexi and Lady’s Story

I am sure you are wondering why I would title this post the same as my blog name. It occurred to me recently that some may not know why I picked this blog name. Lexi is our fur baby (more about her below) and I selected Lady as a representation of myself. Anyone who knows me knows I have a slight obsession with Kate Middleton and how classy and ladylike she is. I mean, could she be any more perfect!? So now you know the meaning behind the blog name đŸ™‚

Lexi’s Story

Right after we got married, the hubs and I decided to get a puppy. I mean that’s what you do as a married couple right…you get a dog together and buy a house and all the other things that are part of the “American dream.” The hub’s family had a miniature schnauzer and they’re a very loving, devoted, and intelligent breed so we knew that is what we wanted.

The hubs found a breeder from College Station on Craigslist who was selling her latest litter in The Woodlands where her mom lived. There were two female puppies available, a platinum (silver) and salt and pepper. We went to see the platinum, but after holding both puppies, one in each hand, I felt like the salt and pepper one was healthier and heartier. I asked the hubs for both and he told me no. Obviously I picked the salt and pepper one. We took her home with us that evening. She weighed 3.6 pounds and was only 6 weeks old. Her birthday is April 27 and she came home on June 9.

We drove to Petco to get a kennel, food, and other essentials and started talking about what to name her. Then we started saying names to her to see if she would respond to any. I said “What about Lexi?” and the hubs said “Lexi?” and she immediately looked at him and we knew we had found her name.

She has been such a joy to have in our life. I honestly don’t know how I could love anything more. I am a true puppy mom and worry about her constantly. One time I took her to the groomer and sat in my car trying not to cry because she was so scared when I left her lol I even felt mom guilt for leaving her so much over the last year while we traveled. She understands she is loved…you should see the pile of dog toys she has!

She is spoiled rotten and has the best personality. She’s funny and smart and even self-punishes when she knows she did something wrong (it’s pretty hilarious to be honest).

National Puppy Day

In honor of National Puppy Day yesterday I wanted to tell you how Lexi became part of our family. Enjoy all the photos below! Please excuse the poor quality of some, cell phone cameras weren’t always as great as they are now lol

Until next post…xoxo Becca

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