Friday, November 15, 2019

4th Trimester

Lexi & Lady | Newborn

On August 15 we welcomed Baby G into the world! He was 1 week past his due date and stubborn to enter the world. Many bloggers share their birth story and I thought I might too, but turns out most of it was a blur and nothing about it was textbook. The important part is Baby G made his arrival safely and now we get to enjoy everything about him.

He is the spitting image of his father and has the best hair for a mohawk! See the cuteness below 🙂 Every nurse commented on how much hair he had and that blond babies rarely have that much hair. I think he’s pretty darn cute! Honestly, I could share all 70 newborn photos with you, but I won’t!

Lexi & Lady | Baby G

What’s the 4th trimester? Yeah I hadn’t heard of it until he was born. Turns out it starts at birth and goes until the baby is 3 months old…which happens to be today! It’s like I planned this post 😉 haha

Sooooo, “how’s it going” you ask? Parenthood is equal parts loving/rewarding and challenging. Before even leaving the hospital we were learning alongside him and on the fly. Luckily the nurses at the hospital we delivered at are amazing and gave us a lot of information and support. While generally he is a very happy, easy going baby there were many nights of endless fussiness that included screaming and arching in pain. It took us awhile to learn he had a dairy sensitivity (he was negative for a dairy allergy) which was resolved within a few days of me cutting dairy from my diet. I had been dairy free for years before becoming pregnant, but while pregnant ate a ton of dairy! I miss ice cream and other dairy based desserts, but I would rather skip it than him be in pain.

How are the dogs adjusting? Like everyone predicted, Mia is obsessed with him and wants to be his best friend. She is constantly at his side, licking him, hangs out with him during tummy time. She even brings him toys like he’s going to miraculously throw it for her! haha She’s the sweetest. Lexi on the other hand is very standoffish. She’s never mean, she just prefers to provide protection from afar. She’ll occasionally sniff him or lick his hand and then return to her “post” to keep watch.

How was your return to work? His transition to daycare? I spent 12 weeks on maternity leave and I’m so glad I took the full time. I returned to work last week and while it’s bittersweet to leave him at daycare each morning, I have enjoyed the return to a schedule/routine and adult interaction. Who know adult interaction would be something I missed (yes, me, the introvert). He transitioned to daycare pretty easily. As I mentioned, he’s a happy, easy going baby so he’s cool with anyone who is willing to hold him. We were fortunate enough to get into a great facility where a friend works and she checks on him. The hubs and I also co-advise a student organization on campus. One of the members is one of his teachers so that’s also very comforting. He seems happy there. Although…he’s a week in and already caught some germs 🙁 I feel bad for him because he has congestion and constantly has a crusty nose. Welcome to the next several years of my life right?!

I think that’s about all I have to update you on. Again, I don’t know what this blog will look like going forward, but I will keep it active and you can return to any of my posts in the future. Until next post…xoxo Becca

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