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Baby Products We Love 3-6 Months

Baby Products We Love 3-6 Months

It’s very hard to believe Baby G is almost 9 months old and that I wrote my original Baby Products We Love post in November! As Baby G has grown we have found more products we love and I wanted to share them here in case anyone was interested or wanted to include them in their registries. Remember at the end of last post I suggested registering for items beyond those first couple of months. Let’s get started!

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo
Talk about a real winner with Baby G! As soon as he was big enough to hold his head up and reach his toes to the ground he was off! He can spend hours in the this bouncer. Not only does it keep him entertained, but it also helps him get rid of some of that energy.

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Puppy
Puppy’s hands, feet, ear, and heart all light up and activate when pressed. It introduces parts of the body, shapes, counts, the alphabet and what Baby G showed us was it has 3 stages of learning. No clue until he pressed and held puppy’s foot and it started a whole new song! It keeps him very interested and if he isn’t looking at puppy and we press one of the sensors, Baby G will turn towards it and then army crawl his way to it to play.

Fisher-Price Froggy Sit Me Up Floor Seat
This was a game changer as Baby G became more active and observant. I love that it has a wide base so I don’t worry about him tipping over (unlike the Bumbo seats). I can take this seat anywhere in the house so he’s near me, but doing his own thing. I put it on the dining room table when I cook, on the bed when I fold laundry, or on the bathroom floor if he’s awake when I am getting ready for work.

Oball Bright Starts Shaker Toy
This was the first toy Baby G picked up and held on his own. It’s also the first one he would shake and transfer from hand to hand. All milestones in development. It’s lightweight and easy to grasp.

AOTIAN Mini Nylon Backpack
I quickly got tired of taking his diaper bag to and from daycare. It contained a bunch of things he didn’t need at daycare, so I downsized to this bag. I mix his bottles every morning (one less step for the teachers) and take them in this bag along with 2 changes of clothes because throw up and blow outs are a real thing lol

Baby Brezza
When we started formula feeding we would mix the bottles and then use a warmer to heat them up. Mostly because we were still adding in some breastmilk. Now that Baby G is 100% formula we got a hand-me-down Baby Brezza and it has been a game changer. With the bottle warmer we were waiting 5-8 minutes for a bottle to warm all while Baby G screamed his head off. With the Baby Brezza it’s less than a minute. The formula we use (Similac Alimentum) is not compatible with the Baby Brezza (don’t know why) so we don’t add the formula to the powder container. We add it straight to the bottle and then let the Baby Brezza provide the warm water.

I am sure I am leaving things out since I started writing this post 2 months ago and have spent the last 47 days away from home due to COVID. Until next post…xoxo Becca

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