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Monday, April 30, 2018

One Swimsuit Brand to Rule Them All

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When Victoria’s Secret announced last year they were discontinuing their swim line, I (and many other women) began to get nervous. See today’s post is going to be a slightly personal account of my swimsuit odyssey.

For much of my adult life I have struggled to find swimsuits that support “the ladies.” While I love the idea of a cute bandeau or triangle top, those options have been out of the question since high school. Victoria’s Secret was my go-to brand for swimsuit tops because they came in bra sizes. After their announcement last year I knew this year’s struggle to find a swimsuit was going to be tough. I prepared myself for the disappointment and started searching early.

The Journey

At the recommendation of a coworker, I started with a top from Athleta in their bra size collection. It seemed reasonable; underwire, “support.” Yeah no, 5-seconds in and I was about to cry. There in the dressing room, horrified at the reflection in the mirror, I quickly took it off, placed it on the hanger, and left the store with my head hanging.

Determined to find something, I searched online for full coverage or bra size swimsuits and came across ASOS’ line of “fuller bust” options. I ordered two super cute tops and waited patiently for them to arrive. The day they were delivered I was so excited to get into them and decide which one to keep. Again, seconds into putting the top on and all I could do was laugh at the ridiculousness that was before me. Back in the box and on their way to ASOS they went.

Next was Tommy Bahama, spoiler alert, also a nightmare. While the top looked great and had good coverage, there was no support and as I moved I could tell I would be one ocean wave away from flashing the world. Into the box they went with the return label attached. Strike three!

The Home Run

The hubs started noticing my frustration and immediately started searching for big boob friendly swimwear. Bless him, he came across Bravissimo from the UK. Lucky for me, they began selling in the US last March! They are a company who recognizes that women come in all shapes and sizes, including their boobs. Read about the company here. Still skeptical I carefully read the reviews, over analyzed every image, and ultimately ordered 3 tops. Waited, waited, waited and then they arrived. Hesitant they would be another flop (no pun intended), I put the first one on and what in the world…it fit! Hallelujah! Believing it was a fluke, I put the next one on and it fit too! Guess what, the third top also fit. What a miracle I thought. This can’t be real! Surely there is something terribly wrong. I inspected myself in the mirror, walked around, looked in the mirror again. Much to my disbelief, all three options fit and fit really well. I immediately texted another coworker who experiences the same issues I do and told her it was worth the price tag.

Because of this blog, I knew I had to share my struggles and my success (thanks to the hubs!) in case any of your suffer from trying to find big boob friendly swimwear. I highly recommend Bravissimo and hope you’ll be just as satisfied if you decide to try it.

In other news, Lexi turned 8 on Friday and who is so excited about the new prince!? Louis Arthur Charles (p.s. it sounds so elegant in a British accent).

Until next post…xoxo Becca

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

For the Love of Floppy Hats

This is a continuation of last week’s summertime fun which featured cover-ups. Today is all about floppy hats. All women should be concerned with protecting their skin. Especially us fair skin girls. As a natural redhead with fair skin and freckles I know the perils of spending too much time in the sun. My advice to all women is to invest in good sunscreen, wear hats, and replenish your skin with a rich lotion post-sun. SPF in your daily makeup is a good idea too.

Last summer my family took at trip to Grand Cayman and by far the best investment I made (besides a well fitting swimsuit) was a floppy hat. I will say, packing that thing was a pain, but completely worth it.

HAT: Charming Charlie | SWIMSUIT: Victoria’s Secret
1. Charming Charlie 2. Charming Charlie 3. Forever21 4. Nordstrom 5. Nordstrom

Hats don’t have to only be worn at the beach with a swimsuit, Andee over at The Honeybee is always rocking hats. She is gorgeous and so stylish! You should go check out her blog if you get a chance.

Olaf’s Summer Song from Frozen

Enjoy prepping for summer! Until next post…xoxo Becca

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