Friday, August 11, 2017

Get Off the Scale

Get Off the Scale

How many images and cartoons can you think of that involve a negative experience with a scale? Example 1, Example 2, Example 3 Yet, so many continue to step on it! If you weigh daily, are emotionally affected by the number reflected, or panic over an increase, you could benefit from abandoning the scale. Like many, I grew up with a scale in the house and purchased one when I was in college. Worst idea of my life! I was on that thing constantly, especially when I started gaining weight my sophomore year. Looking back, I blame my diet of pasta! Hey, it was cheap. When the battery in my digital scale went out about 5 years ago I never replaced it. In fact, I have no idea where my scale is and I don’t care to have it anymore.

Story time, last week I had a doctor’s appointment and I am the heaviest I have ever been. This isn’t shocking because over the last few year I have worked out and gained muscle. We all know muscle weighs more than fat. But in the last few months I haven’t felt comfortable in my clothes and this is for two reasons; my diet has been terrible and my exercising has declined. With adjustments to both I know I’ll be back to fitting comfortably in my clothes. Rather than berating myself with negative self-talk simply because of what the scale has to say I’m doing something about it.

If you are someone who weighs themselves frequently, I challenge you to abandon the scale and consider these thoughts:

Don’t let it define you. A scale cannot measure your IQ, your relationship with others, or your gumption and achievements. Try positive self-talk and see where it gets you mentally. Building self-confidence at any stage in life is so important. While you’re at it, dish out some compliments to others. After all, compliments are free 😉

Stop punishing yourself. That little number at your feet is the source of so much negativity so why are you still stepping on the scale? Save yourself the emotional distress and reward yourself for the positive lifestyle changes you have made. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you slip up. Everyone has their vice (mine is dessert).

Set goals that are not weight driven. If you set a goal to lose weight, but you don’t meet that goal, are you upset? Instead of weight driven goals, try assessing how your clothes fit, the strength you have gained, or your ability to run a mile when you could barely make the block before.

I realize I am thin, but I too feel self conscious about how I look. Skinny shaming is a thing, so leave your “eat a cheeseburger” comments at home. I wrote this post to remind women (and men) they are worth more than the number they see and if they have weight loss goals to track them through methods beyond the bathroom scale!

Until next post…xoxo Becca

Friday, July 28, 2017

5 Must Try Restaurants in New Orleans

5 Must Try Restaurants in New Orleans

Remember that time the hubs and I made an impromptu trip to Fort Worth? Well we did it again, but this time we headed off to New Orleans. Our friends (more like second family at this point) were headed that way for the weekend and invited us. We ate way too much while there! I even ate seafood! Which for anyone who knows me knows seafood is a no go in my book. New Orleans has some amazing seafood though. That’s why I’m sharing 5 must try restaurants in New Orleans.

Like the usual tourists, we rode the streetcar, had beignets, and listened to jazz music at The Jazz Playhouse. Unfortunately the rain (read as downpour) on Saturday kept us from doing the activities we planned. Since the weather cancelled our plans we visited the World War II Museum. I highly recommend it, it was well designed and huge. The hanger area which contained planes was fantastic. Museum guests are able to go to the 4th floor and look down at the planes below which is unique. Typically you only have the opportunity to see planes from underneath.

Now for the real reason we’re all here, the food!

5 Must Try Restaurants in New Orleans

Cafe du Monde

Opened in 1862, Cafe du Monde is an open air restaurant you can’t skip. Visit the original location in the French Market. It’s open 24 hours a day. Known for their beignets, this piece of fried dough covered in powdered sugar is the stuff dreams are made of. Be prepared to be covered in powdered sugar! Tip: Go late at night, it’s cooler and you won’t have to wait for a table to open up.


This cute little restaurant with a friendly atmosphere originally opened in 1984 and reopened in 2010 after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans. Katie’s was featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and known for their Cochon de Lait. I recommend the chargrilled oysters (after the first dozen we ordered a second dozen) and fried shrimp poboy. Want a drink? Order a Bloody Mary.

Commander’s Palace

Located in the Garden District, Commander’s Palace is another New Orleans landmark and a great spot for an award winning dinner. You really can’t go wrong with ordering at this restaurant. The menu changes from time to time. They’re known for turtle soup. We had the gumbo du jour which was delicious. The table-side bananas foster is the way to go when it comes to dessert. If you feel you need a second dessert, the cheesecake is a can’t miss too. 😉

The American Sector

As mentioned above, if you have time to tour the World War II Museum I highly recommend visiting. Otherwise, you can stop in The American Sector for their Happy Hour from 4:00 pm-7:00 pm daily. The happy hour features appetizers and half-priced drinks. The restaurant is open to the public without requiring admission to the Museum.

Josephine Estelle

Next to the Ace Hotel New Orleans, it’s a great spot for brunch. Plus there’s live jazz music 11:00 am-3:00 pm on Sundays. Their focus is on seasonal ingredients and traditional recipes. From the Weekend brunch menu, Breanne’s Pastry Board is a must if you like bread and carbs. 🙂 For entrees I recommend the shrimp and grits and fried chicken biscuit. If you’re visiting for a late brunch don’t skip the dessert menu which features Sweet Pea Panna Cotta, Peanut Butter Pie Budino, and Banana Pudding to name a few. All of which we ordered and loved 😉

If you’re reading this to get some ideas on where to eat in NOLA, just remember you walk enough that the calories don’t count. Enjoy eating your way across New Orleans! Until next post…xoxo Becca

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