Monday, May 20, 2019

Second Trimester

Easter 2019 | Lexi and Lady

Seems yet again I have done a poor job of blogging. I thought I would have more to talk about and more fashion to share, but in reality I have struggled a lot with clothes as the bump has grown and haven’t felt like sharing anything.

I have also been trying to soak up every minute of being pregnant because honestly I have enjoyed it so far, especially when I started to feel regular kicks 🙂

The hubs and I (thanks to our friend, lovingly called “G2”) have secured a great daycare in town starting in January. We will have to find a solution from November-January since we estimate my maternity leave will end at the beginning of November. Living in a college town I feel like we could find a great student (or several) to help out.


The morning (and night) sickness went away shortly after moving into the second trimester. Thankfully! I didn’t have many other symptoms throughout the second trimester until close to the end when my ribs and mid-back started hurting when I sat. The only ways to alleviate the pain was to lay down or stand up. Not ideal when you have a desk job and attend meetings 80% of the time.

I asked my doctor and he suggested being mindful of a straight posture for the rib pain. I will say, it does help, but anytime I sit (even straight as a board) on something soft (like our couch or a booth at a restaurant) the pain returns. At work I alternate standing and sitting as often as possible and some coworkers find me standing at my desk trying not to hunch over to see the computer screens lol One of the other offices has a standing desk and I foresee myself using it a lot in the third trimester.

The summer heat has arrived in Texas and there have been a couple of days I have experienced swollen feet/ankles. Dehydration contributed to it I know.

Food Cravings/Aversions

No food cravings. I have found I prefer beef over chicken which is not my norm. I like salty things and my sweet tooth has only increased. When deciding where to eat or what to order, friends and family ask, “What does the baby want?” Well I am here to tell you the baby does not care, just feed me 🙂 Nothing actually sounds good, but I always find something anywhere we go. This has made it challenging to come up with weekly menus and grocery shop. I have severely lacked in this department and I’m sure the hubs is tired of the empty refrigerator.

As for aversions, vegetables sound awful. Besides the every day corn and green beans, anything healthy sounds disgusting. Also not my norm.


I’ve slept well throughout the pregnancy so far. I think my body is just exhausted. I don’t wake often when the hubs comes home from night shift (usually between 2:30am-4:00am).

The last couple of weeks I have had a good laugh because if I sleep on my right side Baby G starts to kick…almost annoyed I am in a position not to his liking. He hangs out almost entirely on my right side and I rarely feel any movement on my left.


The bump has arrived! I can’t remember exactly when it started getting more attention. I managed to stay in pre-pregnancy pants/jeans wearing a belly band until around week 25. At that point pants were no longer comfortable and I had to make some maternity purchases. Prior to this “had to” stage I ordered online from several retailers, but most of what I ordered was returned. Out of desperation I went to Destination Maternity before a doctor’s appointment last Monday and had a really great associate help me pick out lots of options. I’m still learning how to dress the bump. Especially in a work setting. I found there to be limited budget friendly options in the maternity work wear department. Side note: I am fortunate enough to work for really great women who are all moms and they “get it.”

Not the best quality picture, but Mia is obsessed with the bump. She has resigned herself to touching it rather than sitting on it because she falls off the bump when sitting on it and has gotten frustrated lol

Baby G and Mia | Lexi and LadyWhat I miss

My clothes! Being able to wear anything in my closet without thinking twice about it. I have come to re-appreciate my former wardrobe and look forward to revisiting it post-bump.

Being able to bend over! Enough said!

What I am looking forward to

Seeing Baby G at the next ultrasound in mid-June. I also look forward to the hubs meeting him (me too of course). I get the privilege of feeling him kick all the time, but the hubs does not.

Baby G | Lexi and Lady

I think that wraps up all the points I have to share about the second trimester. I won’t promise future posts because, well, that seems like empty promises at this point. I hope everyone has a great week! Until next post…xoxo Becca

Monday, April 15, 2019

Boho Style Tunic for Spring

AE Long Sleeve Print Mix Tunic

Hi everyone! I can’t believe I am actually putting another post together. It is practically a miracle. About a week ago I had to do some online shopping because the bump is just too large to continue on in my current wardrobe. Bummer huh? 😉 My goal was to find items that could be worn after pregnancy, because lets face it, being pregnant is such a short amount of time and I didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on things that had a short lifespan.

I came across this adorable boho style tunic at American Eagle and fell in love with the spring colors. Also available in blue. With the tunic style I figured it would be long enough to cover the growing bump, at least for a little while. I sized up one and surprise it is a winner! My only complaint is as a busty girl, unclasping the neckline is too revealing, but closing it also leaves an opening below the clasp. I wish it had been sewn up to the clasp. I’ll sew the opening closed myself at some point. In the meantime, I threw a cami on underneath. 

Fridays are more casual at my office so I wore the top to work with my favorite Lucky Brand jeans, Lolita Skinny, (which I’m holding together with a belly band, pregnancy is glam huh?) and these comfortable wedges I shared last May. The sizing is pretty limited on last year’s wedges, but the same brand created a very similar style for this season. Honestly, I think the only difference is the first strap that goes across the top of the foot is at an angle instead of straight.

I got so many compliments on my outfit and it definitely flatters the bump so it will be on repeat for the rest of the spring/summer. If you’re looking for a lightweight, fun top, at least check it out. It’s currently on sale, but even full price doesn’t sting too bad.

Slowly starting to put my second trimester post together so be on the lookout for that. It will also have more pics of Baby G. Until next post…xoxo Becca


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