Friday, October 07, 2016

Friday Favorites: Bell Sleeves

Thank goodness it is finally Friday (and I have no plans tomorrow)! Last weekend was super busy and I loved every minute of it, but my energy level was zapped this week. Plus I have a ton of new DVR’d shows to catch up on. This is my big Saturday plan haha 🙂 I am really glad to have fall shows back because while the hubs is at work I have something relaxing to do at home. DVR is a lifesaver…commercials are terrible to sit through. Isn’t it funny how technology has conditioned us for short attention spans and to be impatient? Growing up I remember using the commercial breaks to do little tasks, but now I spend the entire time of the show on the couch because I can fast forward through commercials.

Onto today’s favorite…bell sleeves! Boy has this style been seen everywhere this fall. I’m really excited because it adds a feminine touch to an outfit. Hand washing and reaching for things may be a challenge with bell sleeves, but they’re so worth it 😉 Here are a few I like:

Ann Taylor





Enjoy your weekend! Until next post…xoxo Becca

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